I am the type of person that does not like books easily. But I only like Dairy of a Wimpy Kid but most of all I LOVE AMULETBut in my opinion I think all kids would like this.

Kazu Kibushi you are the best author in the GALAXY. I read all your books. I wish you made hundreds, but I understand that would take A VERY LONG TIME. You are my favorite author!

You are the NUMBER 1! You are the best and most creative author. Sometimes I draw about Amulet and its very fun. I let my friends read them too, THEY LOVED them. My friend Will wrote a small book about Pac Mans Origin and used Amulets theme. I haven’t read it yet but almost all my classmates have, and the teachers read it as well.

Thank you very much! Daniel H

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NOTE : did not draw these u probably drew them

buy his stuff

PS. Everyones asking when the next ones will come out. Here’s the answer: